A boy and his bot

Thirteen-year-old Van Yamano just received his first LBX robot, Achilles, but it’s no ordinary toy. Inside its mechanical body is a secret that may determine the fate of the entire world, and only Van and his friends can stop it from falling into the wrong hands.
Friends... and Foes
Van Yamano

Despite his powerful robot, Van is new to LBX battles and still relies on help from his friends.

Amy Cohen

The brains of the group, Amy’s keen observation skills and vast knowledge of LBX robots give her allies a big tactical advantage.

Kaz Walker

Kaz may be cool on the outside, but his calm demeanor hides a competitive spirit that often drives him to victory.

Justin Kaido

A new student at school, Justin was nicknamed "Sudden Death Emperor" because it never took him more than 10 seconds to beat an opponent—that is, until he met Van!

Hanz Grodon  Cool! You found a code for a high grade weapon! Go to the Discover section to find out more. 4x3grIND Learn More

A neighborhood tough guy, Hanz likes to spend his time pummeling local kids in LBX battles.

Dak Sendo

The leader of a school gang, Dak uses illusions to help him win.

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Van Yamano may be the world’s biggest LBX fan, but until recently was forbidden by his mother to own his own robot. This changed when Van met a mysterious stranger who gave him Achilles, a rare prototype model LBX, and was asked to keep it safe from the nefarious forces determined to use the robot for evil.

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